Add orders directly to carriers, bypassing intermediaries that generate additional costs

and importing orders

Adding orders directly to carriers through the platform (manually) or by importing from production systems (SAP etc).

Quick definition of orders in terms of load, time window, and delivery time

You don't have to worry about how to import data. ONYX allows you to manually add shipments or easily import them from your system. Our simplicity of use allows for quick adjustment to your needs and fast order execution.

You can define shipment criteria such as vehicle type, time windows, or product parameters.

Add or import order

Set supplier time

Determine size and capacity

Select preferred vehicle type


Direct contact with the carrier and order status view

ONYX allows direct contact with the carrier during order fulfillment and a view of vehicle statuses, with the option of sending a location link to the recipient.

Managing payments with carriers

Attaching invoices, payment control, notifications about deadlines - all in one place.

Electronic bill of lading ECMR - digital confirmation of cargo delivery

At any time you can verify the delivery confirmation with the carrier.

Automatic selection of the best carrier

The best match in terms of vehicle location, load, deadline, time, and cost of transport


Convenient access via a web app and mobile app


Immediate order valuation


Always the most advantageous solution for the sender regardless of the shipment


Instant transport order, based on the geolocation of the carrier


Payment security until the order is delivered


Real-time tracking of the shipment's location

Bill of Lading

Electronic bill of lading e-CMR compliant with EU convention


Banking module allowing drivers to instantly use the funds

Intuitive Dashboard.
Clear, organized and easy to use control center.

Designed by people with 20 years of experience in the TSL industry.

how ONYX TMS works