The only telematics system for fleets
supported by AI.

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7000+ vehicles in the system

Monitoring providing key data about the vehicles in your fleet.
Discover ONYX Telematics!

Constant access to the
vehicle locations

Real-time data, available 24/7.

Integration with the tachograph

Remote downloading of tachograph and driver card data.

Current fuel consumption and engine data

Aggregation of eco-driving data and fuel consumption parameters on specific routes.


Fleet management based on real data.

Tracking history

Monitoring the order progress at every stage with access to historical data.

Integration with the only TMS AI system on the market

Priority access to the ONYX TMS system, using artificial intelligence for transport planning.

Remote diagnostics
and the ability to clear errors in vehicles.

Unique tool on the market for fleet technical managers!
Constant access to service data.

Error reading: DAF, IVECO Stralis, MAN, VDL
Error clearing: DAF XF F7

Simple installation

Driver cabin panel

ONYX Telematics requires a simple installation of system components in each semi-trailer to be monitored.
The installation is carried out in the service or independently.

The driver's cabin will be equipped with a touch screen, through which the driver can send and receive messages to the operational departments.

Telematics for vehicles without tachograph

The system also operates in a version for vehicles without a tachograph.
This variant has all the key features, such as: real-time vehicle location, route history, and report generation.
Additionally, it offers the possibility of remote ignition lock and simple installation via the OBD socket.
This solution is most commonly used in companies with car fleets and vehicle rental companies.

Simplified access to ONYX TMS AI. Get ahead of the competition and gain
priority integration of systems!

AI planning

The artificial intelligence planning your transport will allow you to achieve maximum fleet efficiency.

Analysis of real data

TMS AI performs continuous, global data analysis, considering all factors determining transport efficiency.

Access to orders

Shippers in ONYX TMS add transport orders, which the system automatically assigns to the optimal vehicle.

Reduction of empty runs

Maximizing efficiency and minimizing kilometers traveled without cargo brings economic and ecological benefits.

Shortening delivery times

The system provides one, most efficient solution.

No intermediaries

Forwarding companies do not have access to the system!
Only transport companies
and shippers participate in ONYX

Telematics and TMS AI
in one platform

ONYX Telematics users can be the first to gain access to the TMS AI system - the only market technology for transport planning using an artificial intelligence algorithm.

On our platform, both technologies operate within a single tool.
No more switching between systems!

ONYX Telematics
Technological development of the DBK Fleet Management system

Investor of the ONYX platform
DBK Group - the largest provider of products and services for the TSL industry in Poland.

See how
ONYX Telematics works

See how
ONYX Telematics works